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Studio Coquille


Marion de Saint Blanquat and Frederik Mads Svendsen, a French / Danish architect duo, began their journey in Politecnico di Milano before starting their experiences in Paris and Madrid. Their first projects gained attention, being shortlisted for the Hyde Park library competition and reaching the finals for the Lebanese pavilion at the Venice Biennale. 

Before establishing their studio, Frederik and Marion cultivated their experiences in influential architectural environments. Frederik worked for Selgascano in Madrid, while Marion worked at Atelier Construire in Paris.

Creating new ecosystems 

Manifesto : Can Animals, Nature, and Humans live holistically ?​ We see our role of architects as reimagining the relationship we build with Animals and Nature.

Today most of the places we are brought to build and live in are either urbanised settings or damaged landscapes, where the original natural form has long disappeared. With this understanding, we perceive our architectural projects as an opportunity to adapt and transform these places towards a better cohabitation. Perhaps a reborn ecosystem, offering a chance for all species to thrive in a post-wild world, where the built form has actually become the landscape for other animals. 


Coquille reflects on what are those necessary tools for creating equality between ecosystems in the built environment. Coquille projects are shaped by the state of the surrounding environment, and develop a playful language drawing inspiration from Nature. They aim to

to offer stimulating and sensory experiences for both humans and animals. An architecture focused on all species, we believe that the transformative power of aesthetics and educational/symbolic gestures can arouse curiosity in us humans, guiding our interactions with animals, plants, and our planet.


+45 40259333



Griffenfeldsgade 27 st,th Kbh. N



STATENS KUNSTFOND 2023- Projekt legat

BEVICA FONDEN 2023- Materials

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