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Coquille Studio: Crafting Architectural Narratives

Studio Coquille is the brainchild of architects Marion De Saint Blanquat Lingua and Frederik Mads Svendsen. Their collaborative journey commenced in Milan, a pivotal moment marked by their triumph in the open ideas competition for the Lebanese pavilion at the Venice Biennale. 

The exposure to award-winning architects shaped their ability to harmonize living Nature and form, and fiscal considerations. More importantly, it instilled in them the ethos of being a nimble design studio capable of realizing projects that transcend mere structures, leaving a positive imprint on both nature and those who inhabit it.

Their architectural exploration extends to both public and private residential domains, seeking to materialize reflections on urban architecture in the 2020s. Drawing inspiration from diverse European methodologies rooted in rural and metropolitan expressions, their approach reflects the amalgamation of experiences in Milan, Madrid, Marseille, Paris, and Copenhagen.

Coquille Studio's projects are characterized by an organic, sensual, and aesthetically pleasing experience, emphasizing immediate spatial possibilities, continuity, and co-creation with existing structures or the surrounding nature. They firmly believe in the transformative power of beauty and quality, recognizing their profound impact on human well-being. Thus, they advocate for the preservation of a place's originality through carefully selected and adapted transformations that respect its history.

As advisers and project managers, Coquille Studio brings a wealth of experience in designing and constructing museums, theaters, townhouses, and innovative fixtures. Their architectural interventions breathe new life and function into existing structures, contributing to idea development, process advice, and solution management across diverse projects.

Their vision extends beyond the present, aspiring to contribute to the cultural heritage of the future. Through a holistic approach that integrates seamlessly with the climate, animal and plant life, context, and the history of a place, Coquille Studio seeks to craft enduring narratives in the architectural tapestry of time.


Before establishing their visionary studio, Frederik and Marion cultivated their expertise while immersed in influential architectural environments. Frederik and Marion's journey led them to Selgascano in Madrid, a renowned architectural firm where they refined their skills and absorbed the essence of cutting-edge design principles.

Marion brought her unique insights and talents to Gehl Architects, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of architectural innovation in Paris. Her experience extended to Construire, further enriching her repertoire and shaping her approach to the intersection of art and function.

This diverse background provided the foundation for their collaborative venture, Studio Coquille. The amalgamation of experiences from Madrid to Paris laid the groundwork for their distinctive perspective on architecture, one that harmonizes global influences into a seamless narrative of design excellence.


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Griffenfeldsgade 27 st,th Kbh. N



STATENS KUNSTFOND 2023- Arbejdslegat

BEVICA FONDEN 2023- Materials

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