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We are thrilled to announce that Studio Coquille's innovative concept of a floating pavilion for the Copenhagen Expo has been chosen as one of the 12 signature pavilions in response to the open call by Arkitekt Foreningen.

At Studio Coquille, we believe in pushing the boundaries of architectural design, and this recognition is a testament to our commitment to creating visionary spaces. Our collaboration with Tan&Blixenkrone, renowned builders with a rich background in construction and funding money for the project, ensures that our pavilion will not only be a showcase of creativity but also a testament to precision and craftsmanship.

Design By Studio Coquille 

Tan&Blixenkrone Our esteemed collaborators, bringing their expertise to the construction process and funding for the project

Collaboration and Sponsorship

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our collaborators and sponsors, whose support has been instrumental in bringing this vision to life:


  • CLT Danmark: Pioneers in cross-laminated timber, providing sustainable and innovative building solutions.

  • KVADRAT: Leaders in contemporary textiles, adding a touch of elegance to our pavilion.

  • Statens Kunstond: Supporting the arts and culture, contributing to the realization of our artistic endeavor.

  • Bevica Fonden: A foundation dedicated to fostering creativity and innovation, investing in our pavilion's success.

  • Copenhagen Sails: Partnering with us to create a visually stunning and environmentally conscious pavilion.


Creative Minds Behind the Design

Our heartfelt thanks go to the talented individuals who brought the pavilion to life through their visionary drawings:

  • Marion De Lingua

  • Alejandro Arriv

  • Frederik Mads Svendsen

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we build, explore, and redefine the possibilities of architectural expression. Stay tuned for updates on the progress of our floating pavilion at the Copenhagen Expo!



Mette Willert


Sehen_Studio Coquille_The Raft_Photo-2.jpg
Sehen_Studio Coquille_The Raft_Photo-1.jpg
Sehen_Studio Coquille_The Raft_Photo-3.jpg


Screenshot 2023-07-05 221007.png

image by Anna Katrine Tan

Screenshot 2023-07-12 110018.png

Drawings By Studio Coquille 

The Raft_Axo..jpg
The Raft_Diag..jpg
The Raft_Section.jpg
The Raft_Roof plan.jpg
The Raft_Exploded Axo.jpg
The Raft.jpg
The Raft_Plan.jpg
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